Feast of San Gennaro- Hollywood 2012


The Feast of the San Genarro, technically called The Galbani®Cheese Italian Feast of San Gennaro is set up well with a long aisle of Italian foods, drinks and items displaying Italian pride for purchase.  The vendors were a bit aggressive, the prices a wee bit high but a great  cultural culinary addition to landscape of  Los Angeles.   There was no shortage of red, white and green colors of the Italian flag,  bocce playing and bingo.  The event really had a family oriented feel complete with ferris wheel, a few other rides and a kids korner.  However, the crowd seemed to be rather small.  It was probably the fallout of Carmageddon weekend.

Although I am not Italian, I am a New Yorker exposed to some of the Italian culinary experience via New York.  Yes, to my delight there was Italian Ice but priced at $5.00 a cup full.  If you are from New York this is pricey to us but I must admit the cup was two times what you usually get in NYC.  Familiar food finds included gelato, pizzas, cannolis,  and also to my delight zepolles.

Cannoli from vendor

We spotted the former contestants from the Great Food Truck Race, Nonna’s Kitchenette and interviewed them.  See Interview and food moments from the fest.

Black Velvet Cake Recipe

Photo by Multiculturalcookingnetwork.com©
Photographer Carl Johnson

The first and only time I have tried this was at the Freemason Abbey Restaurant.  It was velvet smooth and delectable so I decided to find a Black Velvet Cake Recipe.  This recipe calls for Crisco but you can usually use butter in equal amounts to Crisco in baking.  

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See our Red Velvet Flan Recipe

Red Velvet Cupcakes  from Bobbie Lloyd of New York’s Magnolia Bakery

Review of Good Greens Gluten Free Raw and Vegan Bars

Good Greens is an impressingly delicious gluten free healthy snack.  Despite rather high grams of sugar the product can boast of it being natural as the bars are vegan and raw.  They meet a friendly standard for the  hypo-glycemic index, a standard which concerns diabetics.  The glycemic index measures how a food raises blood glucose. Foods with a high glycemic index rating cause a spike in blood sugar levels and are not ideal for people with diabetes. Foods with a rating of <55 are considered low glycemic. Good Greens bars have a glycemic index of 51.

I shared the Good Greens bars with two other people including  male nurse, Don Gibson which happens to be a diabetic.  Everyone thought the bars were delicious especially the unique flavor of the wildberry which bursts in your mouth.  Other flavors include chocolate chunk, chocolate mint, chocolate peanut butter and chocolate coconut.  Not one of the flavors dissapoints.  However, there are a lot of tasty foods on the market.  Armed with questions from the nurse Gibson, a diabetic, we asked the folks at Good Greens some questions about their product.  READ INTERVIEW

The “Fast” Life: Healthy Ways to Fast When Your Religion Requires Fasting


Various religion require fasts in general or in relation to certain holidays.  Everyone doesn’t seem to know about how to do this safely.   Fasting isn’t about comfortable but it also isn’t meant to be done at the expense of your health.  Here are some tips.  Although, not always done consulting with a doctor is wise especially as we get older our body changes and may require different approaches to fasting. Belief.net shares, –Fasting is way more than just going without food and drink (that’s called a crashdiet). At its best, it is aspiritual and physical cleansing and a declaration of independence from the shackles of earthly life. If you want to embark on a spiritual fast, you need mental readiness to forgo the normal things that define your life. Begin by thinking about the fast before it actually happens, why you are doing it, and what you want to achieve. Then you can be ready on Day One.


  • Yom Kippur-One of the primary and best-known observances of Yom Kippur is fasting. The purpose of fasting is to “afflict your soul,” a means of repenting. For some people, fasting is easy; for others, it is more difficult.  READ MORE


Fasting is a common practice in Christianity. When Jesus was talking with His disciples He taught them about fasting. It was expected that His disciples would fast (Matthew 6:16-18). Here are some tips for fasting.
Read more: http://www.whatchristianswanttoknow.com/10-fasting-tips-a-christian-guide/#ixzz27XmYyWa8


  • Ramadan Tips– The fasting month is also about spiritual cleansing and introspection, a time to re-energize the God connection. And it’s a reminder of the plight of the poor–which hopefully pushes Muslims to do more charitable work.

Sweets At Midnight Cupcake Tasting

Written by Nataki Hewling

On Friday, September 21st,  Terrence Taylor and Keisha Rooks, the owners of Sweets at Midnight, invited MCCN to a cupcake tasting that we  couldn’t miss.  After tasting their splendid “Pink Lady” cupcake at the Cupcake Wars NYC Part II competition earlier this year, I was very curious to see the new cupcakes that are being added to the menu.

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Jennifer Lewis/Hollywood Exes Sheree Fletcher and Daphne Wayans Share Diet Secrets

MCCN caught up with two of Hollywood’s most intriguing ex-wives of high profile Hollywood mover and shakers Wil Smith and Keenan Ivory Wayans at the Kiki Shepard K.I.S. Foundation Sickle Cell Disease Awareness event and Celebrity Bowling Fundraiser.  We stole a moment to ask the beautiful Sheree Fletcher and Daphne Wayans on the reality show “Hollywood Exes” about their diet habits to keep their lovely shapes. Then we caught up with Hollywood’s favorite movie mom, Jennifer about her comfort food.  Find out her healthy comfort food habit.

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Review of Asian Flavors Diabetes Cookbook

Asian Flavors Diabetes Cookbook is an impressive cookbook in its tutorial and somewhat narrative story telling.  It is the kind of book that should be read over and over again if not simply based on the introduction to each new chapter from appetizers to dessert.  Many non-Asian people are  intrigued by Asian cuisine but intimidated by the mere thought of preparing it will find peace for their apprehensions.  Author Corinne Trang’s voice in her writing comes across as a gentle teacher skilled at figuring out how to make the student not only understand but relate to the content.  I was immediately impressed at the easy read and inspired to try the recipes.  Morever, the book leaves you feeling enlightened about Asian culture and cooking.  READ MORE

10 Reasons to Incorporate Tumeric Into Your Daily Diet

Turmeric grows wild in the forests of South and Southeast Asia. It is one of the key ingredients for many Indian, Persian and Thai dishes such as in curry and many more. Ancient Indian medicine, Ayurveda has recommended its use in food for its medicinal value, much of which is now being researched in the modern day. Its use as a coloring agent is not of primary value in South Asian cuisine.

In Indonesia, the turmeric leaves are used for Minangese or Padangese curry base of Sumatra, such as rendang, sate padang and many other varieties.

Here are 10 Reasons to Incorporate in Your Daily Diet

1.) Turmeric is an anti-microbial. That means it will attack both bacterial infections and viral infections and destroy both. It is particularly effective in treating illnesses of the respiratory system (this makes it a superb remedy for the cold and flu season).
2.) Studies have shown it could halt the growth of prostate, breast, skin, lung and colon cancer
3.) Known to reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes
4.) A natural liver detoxifier.
5.) Research shows it may prevent and slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.


KiKi Shepard’s 9th Annual Celebrity Bowling Challenge

James Pickens Jr., Dawn Lewis, and Rocky Carroll come out to K.I.S Foundation event Raise Awareness of Sickle Cell Disease

The stars came out on Friday September 21, 2012 to support famed dancer/co-host of Showtime at the Apollo, Kiki Shepard in raising awareness about Sickle Cell Disease.  Representing Grey Anatomy was James Pickens Jr, a friend to Shepherd of 30 years came out to support.  Other stars in attendance included Aaron Hall, Rocky Carroll, Michael Jai White, Elise Neal,  Jennifer Lewis, and more.  READ MORE

The Galbani®Cheese Italian Feast of San Gennaro, Los Angeles

The San Gennaro Foundation kicks off October’s Italian Heritage Month, a celebration of everything it means to be Italian, with their

Jimmy Kimmel Dining at Festival

annual street festival, The Galbani®Cheese Italian Feast of San Gennaro, Los Angeles. Since 2002, the San Gennaro Foundation has donated over $750,000 to local charities that benefit Los Angeles shelters for children and families, food banks for the homeless, and school programs for underprivileged youth, among others. Hosted by event co-founder Jimmy Kimmel of Italian and German heritate and Adam Carolla, the Feast will once again take over Hawthorn Ave. (between Highland and Orange) in Hollywood.

Inspired by the 80+ year old New York City tradition, the Feast celebrates Italian culture, entertainment and cuisine, and will feature great food, music, genealogy research, a kid’s corner, bocce, bingo, carnival rides, games and more. Surprise celebrity guests will join the cooking team, as they demonstrate Italian recipes on the Galbani® Cheese La Cucina Italiana Cooking Stage with special guest, Galbani® Cheese’s very own Chef Marco. READ MORE