Review of Zen Buffet With Four Locations in California

Honestly, I am usually such a snob about buffets but when my friends asked me to join them, I said yes because dining together is about so much more than the food itself.  Our destination was Zen Buffet in Woodland Hills, CA.  There are three other locations in Monrovia, San Gabriel and Long Beach.

The location in Woodland Hills is clean, somewhat chic but it maintains the make yourself comfortable homestyle feel.  It is a very large location  Think Vegas buffets with their elegance and pride.  Zen Buffet does it right.  The price is reasonable considering what you get such as sushi, California rolls, Mongolian barbecue, crayfish, shrimp, crab legs and more.  The foods styles featured are Japanese and Chinese cuisine.   With dishes such as lemongrass chicken, pepper steak, ribs as well many other menu items.  (Read More for Food photos, locations and Website)

Review by Crystal A. Johnson


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