Sweets At Midnight Cupcake Tasting

Written by Nataki Hewling

On Friday, September 21st,  Terrence Taylor and Keisha Rooks, the owners of Sweets at Midnight, invited MCCN to a cupcake tasting that we  couldn’t miss.  After tasting their splendid “Pink Lady” cupcake at the Cupcake Wars NYC Part II competition earlier this year, I was very curious to see the new cupcakes that are being added to the menu.

The event was held in a nice Upper Westside backyard that quickly filled up once the event began. The tasters included women and men of all ages, even children were invited to this kid-friendly event. Of course the children had milk with their cupckes rather than a cocktail served by a very cheerful bartender who definitely helped make this event enjoyable.

Each taster was given the opportunity to rate each cupcake and give their personal opinions on why they liked or disliked a cupcake. I took the liberty to work the event and do my own quick survey. I assumed everyones favorite would  be either the Pink Lady or the  Baileys Irish Cream Butter Rum cake only because those were my favorites. But the reality was, there was not one cupcake that got more votes than another. Everyone seemed to love different ones, and like them all. The consensus was easy, basically all of the treats were tasty! I couldn’t think of a better way to spend a Friday evening. Cocktails, Cupcakes, and a Cool Crowd!

One thought on “Sweets At Midnight Cupcake Tasting

  1. I attended this event and must say Sweets at Midnight has to be the next best thing to come up in the cupcake arena. I strongly encourage any and everybody to partake in the deliciousness that they offer.

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