Review of Good Greens Gluten Free Raw and Vegan Bars

Good Greens is an impressingly delicious gluten free healthy snack.  Despite rather high grams of sugar the product can boast of it being natural as the bars are vegan and raw.  They meet a friendly standard for the  hypo-glycemic index, a standard which concerns diabetics.  The glycemic index measures how a food raises blood glucose. Foods with a high glycemic index rating cause a spike in blood sugar levels and are not ideal for people with diabetes. Foods with a rating of <55 are considered low glycemic. Good Greens bars have a glycemic index of 51.

I shared the Good Greens bars with two other people including  male nurse, Don Gibson which happens to be a diabetic.  Everyone thought the bars were delicious especially the unique flavor of the wildberry which bursts in your mouth.  Other flavors include chocolate chunk, chocolate mint, chocolate peanut butter and chocolate coconut.  Not one of the flavors dissapoints.  However, there are a lot of tasty foods on the market.  Armed with questions from the nurse Gibson, a diabetic, we asked the folks at Good Greens some questions about their product.  READ INTERVIEW

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