Feast of San Gennaro- Hollywood 2012


The Feast of the San Genarro, technically called The Galbani®Cheese Italian Feast of San Gennaro is set up well with a long aisle of Italian foods, drinks and items displaying Italian pride for purchase.  The vendors were a bit aggressive, the prices a wee bit high but a great  cultural culinary addition to landscape of  Los Angeles.   There was no shortage of red, white and green colors of the Italian flag,  bocce playing and bingo.  The event really had a family oriented feel complete with ferris wheel, a few other rides and a kids korner.  However, the crowd seemed to be rather small.  It was probably the fallout of Carmageddon weekend.

Although I am not Italian, I am a New Yorker exposed to some of the Italian culinary experience via New York.  Yes, to my delight there was Italian Ice but priced at $5.00 a cup full.  If you are from New York this is pricey to us but I must admit the cup was two times what you usually get in NYC.  Familiar food finds included gelato, pizzas, cannolis,  and also to my delight zepolles.

Cannoli from vendor

We spotted the former contestants from the Great Food Truck Race, Nonna’s Kitchenette and interviewed them.  See Interview and food moments from the fest.

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