Serving the Mexican Community Dave Miller and Adventures In Life Ministry.

Enjoying Oaxacan Ice Cream

First Church Built by Adventures in Life

Here’s to you Dave! salutes the benevolent work of Adventures In Life Ministry.  The Co-founder of AIL Dave Miller has provided our readers/fans with authentic reviews and stories from Mexico.  His work in Mexico is a life changing experience for those who serve as missionaries and for those who are served in various cities in Mexico including,  Guadalajara,  Oaxaca and more.  The legacy of Adventures in Life  in Mexico… 17 churches built, 3 parsonages built, 2 Sunday school facilities built, kids and youth camps each year in Ensenada and Oaxaca, regular medical clinics held, a growing agricultural ministry, a local sewing ministry and much more.

If you have ever considered missions work, we suggest the the video Q & A What You Need to Know About Missions which gives incite from long term missionaries from around the world about dos and don’ts of missionary work.  The 20th anniversary was held at the Los Angeles based Oaxacan restaurant, Guelaguetza. 

For the celebration Dave wanted his guests to experience a taste of Oaxaca from Clayudas to Tres Leches.  Feast your eyes on the video below. -Crystal A. Johnson

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