myrockwalldentist.comIt literally seems as though not a day passes that I don’t hear, “Dr. Lepard, why do I have tooth decay and how do I stop it?”  Tooth decay or cavities is on the rise in our culture for a number of reasons.  Treatment may vary greatly according to the situation.  The good news is that all of the causes of tooth decay have answers.  An experienced, well educated dentists and hygienists have those answers.  

Poor diet and a diet high in sugar are next in the reasons for tooth decay. Some of the same practices that expand the waistlines also destroy tooth enamel.  Food and drink high in carbohydrates break down quickly in the “sticky goo”.  Patients frequently tell me that things like candy make their teeth sensitive — they are experiencing the acid formation in the soup of the plaque.  Beware—there are hidden sugar and acids out there.  Fruit juices can have as much sugar or a non-diet soft drink.  And speaking of diet soft drinks – read the label – it has acid in the mix.  This is not good for your teeth.  Our dental hygienist can help you evaluate your diet to help you steer clear of the poor choices and make better ones.

Poor oral hygiene practices. Today manual toothbrushes and floss are not the only way to remove the plaque.  In fact, automated brushes are one of the most effective ways to break up the party the plaque is having on your teeth.  Floss can be assisted by various oralirrigators.  Styles and kinds of these devices are suggested in my office according to each individual’s own unique situation.  Coaching by the hygienist on follow-up visits yield the most effective way to improve your oral hygiene.  And remember-plaque produces mouth odors not unlike rotten eggs!



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