2nd Annual Taste of Mexico – Bigger and Better

2nd Annual Taste of Mexico

2nd Annual Taste of Mexico

Good drinks, amazing food and scene stealing dessert make the 2nd annual Taste of Mexico a night to remember.  You may eat small portions but you can be full from endless morserls in 30 minutes at the Taste of Mexico.  LA’s Top restaurants showcased fusion and upscale presentation of Mexican cuisine.  In 2010 only the four restaurants that comprise the Taste of Mexico Association were serving food.  This time restaurant like famed Chef Rick Bayless,  Red O restaurant was serving up divine pork sopes prepared by  MCCN friend and executive Chef Efren Cardenas.  Official founding Taste of Mexico Association restaurants are Frida Mexican Cuisine, Guelaguetza, La Casita Mexicana and La Monarca. Major brands such as Tapatio, Avocados from Mexico and Goya were providing product for vendors or serving up brand recipes.

Dessert of Mexico featured by La Monarca Bakery

Dessert of Mexico featured by La Monarca Bakery

The event was well attended and brought out a more ethnically diverse crowd than the first Taste of Mexico event.  The first hour VIP’s were invited to a tequila tasting before anticipated long lines.    Food ranged from tortas to tres leches to various moles.  If there was one thing that was better at the first Taste of Mexico, it  was the entertainment line up.  This year the musical program seemed disjointed and inconsistent.  However, food was the star of this event.  There was also a tent set up outside with vendors.

MCCN host Dave Miller got a chance to interview  Chef Katsuji Tanabe of Mexikosher.  Yes, there is  kosher Mexican food.  Everyone was talking about the creamy delicious taste of the  Tequila Sorbet served and made on the premises by Mexikosher.  The mole was pretty amazing.  The variety flavors popping  were extraordinary.

Watch Interview and Tequila Sorbet process

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