Book Spotlight: Feed Your Face

Feed Your Face is dermatologist Dr Jessica Wu’s new book, released on the 5th April 2012, and is a 28-day diet plan that promises to ‘help you banish blemishes, wipe out wrinkles, shed unwanted pounds and generally feel better’. In this exclusive extract for, Wu examines the triggers for hives (ie urticaria) and the foods you may need to avoid if you experience them. Subscribers to our newsletter can also enter our competition to win one of five copies of the book…

Whenever a patient comes in with a new case of hives, I ask her to begin keeping a diary of absolutely everything she eats or drinks—every vitamin, herb, fizzy drink, snack, medication, illicit drug, or diet drink. (Why illicit drugs? I once knew someone who traced his hives all the way back to the pesticides used on the marijuana he smoked. You never know.) Then when the hives show up again, we review what she ingested 24 to 48 hours before the attack. Sometimes an obvious source jumps out, but most of the time it takes several cycles to spot a pattern. If after several outbreaks we still can’t find the source of the hives, I’ll refer the patient to an allergist who can perform more extensive testing. READ MORE

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