Indian Buffet Tips for Beginners


This is just a great I article I stumbleupon on LinkedIn about navigating your way through what to pick from an Indian restaurant buffet for the novice.


Few cuisines can intrigue the senses and palate the way Indian food can…having said that, I’m aware that Indian restaurant buffets can have confusing layouts and are filled with choices; delicious ones if you know your way around…if you don’t, the flavors can be an odd mix.

Also worth noting, an Indian meal eaten in the right order helps avoid that sense of heartburn commonly associated with Indian restaurant food. However, I can’t vouch for the overeating that invariable happens at an Indian buffet…even with me.

So here’s a road map through an Indian restaurant buffet, with detour ideas and pit stops to delicious Indian treats…plus buffet landmarks that can easily be skipped.

See Tips from Appetizer to Dessert

The Life of Suraj Sharma – Life of Pi Star

Suraj Sharma was born in New Delhi, India. His parents are Malayalis, they hail from Kerala. Suraj is a student of philosophy at St Stephen’s college in New Delhi. [4] He has completed schooling from Sardar Patel Vidyalaya, where he was described as a popular student. Before the role, he had no acting experience, and auditioned only because he was there with his younger brother Shriharsh Sharma who requested he come along. He was one of the 3,000 actors to audition for the role of Piscine Molitor Patel (Pi). Sharma went through several rounds of auditions before winning the part.  Director Ang Lee has stated that he selected Sharma primarily based on his expressive eyes and innocent appearance. According to him, Sharma had not only the emotion, but also the “look” of Pi. His “medium complexion” and “average build” were deemed perfect for the role.



A World A Travel to be Found at Los Angeles Times Travel Show

Ecuador Cultural Dance at Los Angeles Times Travel Show

If you love travel this event is definitely for you.  The world gathers under one roof.   It is definitely something you should take the time attend.  If traveling is on your new to do list then there are travel agents ready and waiting to advise and get you booked for a trip. READ MORE

Representing Fiji with Cultural Song— at Los Angeles Times Travel Show:

Wolfgang Puck Oscar Menu Coverage 2013

Wolfgang and the team have been busy sharing the Oscars menu and demonstrating dishes all over town.  Click for Coverage and Recipes:

Wolfgang cooking demonstrations Oscar weekend.

Crimson Splattered Southern White Cake

If you saw Django then you know the characters never got to eat that White Cake but you can. Serve some up while watching the movie or as finale to watching the film.  CRIMSON SPLATTERED SOUTHERN WHITE CAKE

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Seafood at San Francisco’s Wharf

Calamari from Tarantino’s in San Francisco Photo by

There are a ton of restaurant likely to catch your attention in San Francisco.   At Tarantino’s, I honestly had some of the largest tender and well seasoned best tasing  ringlets of calamari.   You can dine or grab a bite to eat while continuing to walk down the strip.  Other delightful menu items include seafood sandwiches and dungeness crab.

Seafood Sandwich from Tarantino’s Photo by

At Aliota’s like any good restaurant catering to tourists you will find sourdough bowls filled with clam chowder.

Indigenous Oaxacan Music with Contemporary Sounds by Lila Downs

Congratulations to Lila Downs for winning the Grammy for best regional Mexican music, for her album “Pecados y Milagros.” Lila Downs mixes traditional indigenous Oaxacan music with contemporary sounds to make great music.

Lila Downs,premios latin grammy 2012

Memories of hot cocoa—a cup of warm comfort used to drink chocolate milk when I was a kid; it was a real quick fix. Just pour some milk in a glass and add two tablespoons of the powdered chocolate and that was it. This wasn’t my favorite beverage, but it was a good enough drink to settle down with on a Saturday or after school on a weekday. Sometimes my mother bought the powdered strawberry mix, but I didn’t drink the strawberry milk. That often stayed right in the cabinet unused. It wasn’t until I was just out of college and visiting my aunt at Christmas when I tasted something different—hot cocoa. Now, I’m not going to say that I never had hot cocoa before because I’m sure that I did, but this time it was so memorable.

Take an occasion like Christmas. Add on a spoonful of Christmas music like Donny Hathaway and little Michael Jackson from the Jackson 5 Christmas Albuma classic in a lot of African American families).  Sprinkle in some family with just a pinch of understanding about how precious this Christmas was because it would probably be our last holiday with my aunt, who was dying from an incurable disease. Then serve this reality with a cup of hot cocoa fully loaded with marshmallows from the hand of that loved one. This made for a special cup of hot cocoa and a memorable experience.


Written by Monica Johnson

Dondre Whitfield Brags about Wife, Salli Richardson’s Cooking

The handsome Dondre Whitfield and beautiful wife Salli Richardson(daughter of an African American mother and an Irish-Italian father) are a perfect picture of togetherness.  You see them at events actually looking like a happily married couple.  Married for over 10 years, this couple especially recognizable to African Americans.  You can see Dondre’s love for Salli’s cooking oozing out.  Check out what Dondre has to say about Salli’s cooking:

Harry Belafonte NAACP Image Award Speech- Why Are We Mute?

Who is Harry Belafonte?  It is a loaded question not only was he one of the top Black entertainers of a generation but he used his celebrity for the greater good.  Belafonte was good friend with Martin Luther King Jr., so close he sat next to Coretta Scott King at Martin Luther King’s funeral.

For many who watched the Feb 2013 NAACP Image he was just some old guy getting acknowledged but by time he was finished with his social justice tough love question and answer speech he most certainly garnered some new fans.  His big question posed to the room full of Black Celebrities so wealthy it would have be hard to fathom during the 60’s and to the television audience, “Why Are We Mute?”