Indian Buffet Tips for Beginners


This is just a great I article I stumbleupon on LinkedIn about navigating your way through what to pick from an Indian restaurant buffet for the novice.


Few cuisines can intrigue the senses and palate the way Indian food can…having said that, I’m aware that Indian restaurant buffets can have confusing layouts and are filled with choices; delicious ones if you know your way around…if you don’t, the flavors can be an odd mix.

Also worth noting, an Indian meal eaten in the right order helps avoid that sense of heartburn commonly associated with Indian restaurant food. However, I can’t vouch for the overeating that invariable happens at an Indian buffet…even with me.

So here’s a road map through an Indian restaurant buffet, with detour ideas and pit stops to delicious Indian treats…plus buffet landmarks that can easily be skipped.

See Tips from Appetizer to Dessert

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