Chef Jay Bonilla: The Easter Tradition of Dried Fish Soup

Don’t lose the tradition of dried fish soup! The culinary tradition of the Atlantic coast of Honduras is still intact. The public markets are crowded with vendors shouting and offering the traditional dried salted fish, which when prepared is the favorite dish at this time of rest and Christian reflection. As I walk along Market Street San Isidro, I stop and talk with sellers showing dried fish, which bring between 65 and 70 Lempiras (3 us dollars) per pound. On the street, many people stop to buy. They seem not to mind the massive presence of flies attracted by the strong smell of fish. The average person asks for two, three and four pounds of fish. Most of the fish sold in public markets of La Ceiba, comes from the Mosquitia. The most desirable is the bass, because they consider it the most delicious. In every sales position, not only the dry fish is found, but also abounding in all sizes are squash and sweet panels (melasa) with which the people cook delicious traditional desserts.  READ MORE  –Written by Chef Jay Bonilla

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