The Beverly Hills Vintage Bouquet Food & Wine was held on Sunday April 28 at Greystone Mansion.  Numerous vendors of wine and food were on hand to give a taste of Beverly Hills with sound of live jazz in the air.

Featured restaurants providing sweet and savory delectables are Bistrot Bagatelle, Crustacean Beverly Hills, Dandy Don’s HomeMade Ice Cream, Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar, Il Fornaio – Beverly Hills, Lawry’s The Prime Rib, Lazy Ox Canteen, Lexington Social House, Livello @ L’Ermitage, Momed, Napa Valley Grille, Palomino, Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, STK, The Palm Restaurant, West Hollywood and Wood & Vine.

Duck Sharwarma from Momed of Beverly Hills

Among the favorites vendors at this year’s Vintage Bouquet Food & Wine Event offering samples was amazing salad made with arugula, canneli beans, tomatoes and barley and Tiramisu from Il Fornaio.  Patrons were also impressed with offerings from Lawry’s and Ruth Chris.

Il Fornaoi was among the highlights for me as well as sweet treats such as the whoopie pie from Cookie Casa,  and the impressive Brut from Moreno BHLV, Palazzo Wine.  It was very smooth.  I also enjoy the Momed’s legendary Duck Sharwarma and avocado hummus.

Greystone Mansion is nestled in a 16-acre park was built by the Doheny family in 1928 and is the largest family estate in the history of Beverly Hills. It has been featured in such blockbuster films as There Will Be Blood, Nixon, X-Men, Ghostbusters, Spiderman III, Rush Hour, Air Force One, and many others.

Review of Massachusett’s Eatery- Mandarin Westboro

Citizen report from one of our facebook page fans by the name of Vanessa LaBranche.  “I  live in western Massachusetts and love “Mandarin Westboro” Truly authenticCitzen report Asian cuisine. Price is middle range and the atmosphere is upscale. This dish is “Kung Pao Shrimp.”


A Taste of Guam- Food and Dance

The Chamorros, Guam’s indigenous people, first populated the island approximately 4,000 years ago.[6] The island has a long history of European colonialism, beginning with its discovery by Ferdinand Magellan during a Spanish expedition on March 6, 1521. The first colony was established in 1668 by Spain with the arrival of settlers including Padre San Vitores, a Catholic missionary. For more than two centuries Guam was an important stopover for the Spanish Manila Galleons that crossed the Pacific annually. The island was controlled by Spain until 1898, when it was surrendered to the United States during the Spanish-American War and later formally ceded as part of the Treaty of Paris.

You can’t have a party on Guam without it! A crucial recipe for every Chamorro girl.   See Red Rice Recipe

Check out the recipe for Cinnamon Jerk Chicken.

Take a look at some traditional dance of Guam:

Chile: Receta de Mote con huesillo

Mote con huesillo is a traditional Chilean summer-time non-alcoholic drink made from wheat and peaches and often sold in street stands or vendor carts. It is a Chilean mote 2non-alcoholic beverage consisting of a sweet clear nectar like liquid made with dried peaches (huesillo) cooked in sugar, water and cinnamon, and then once cooled mixed with fresh cooked husked wheat (mote).[1] The sweet clear nectar is usually made with sugar, but can also be supplemented or replaced with honey.

When the drink is served without the dried peaches, it is called a “descarozados”

The huesillos, or dried peaches, are washed and soaked the night prior to preparation in order to rehydrate them. Once hydrated, they are cooked for thirty minutes or more in a sugar and water mixture, optionally with some natural cinnamon sticks. To give the drink its honey hue, sugar is heated in a sauce pan in order to caramelize it and bring it to a rich orange ruby color, which is added to the syrup mixture although this method is not always used. While the huesillos are cooking, the mote, or husked wheat, is cooked in water until tender. Once the mote are cooked, they are drained and added to the sweet huesillos drink, and left to cool. This combination is served chilled, in a tall glass with a tall dessert spoon for easy serving.