Downtown Brooklyn: Junior’s Restaurant

What I know of the dining out experience probably began as a child in Brooklyn, New York, being dragged by my relatives to Junior’s restaurant, whether by my Aunt Harriet or my mother. The big treat experience, as I envisioned it as a kid, was their oversized meals. Junior’s did oversized before the trend of oversizing began.  However, the crowning glory of Junior’s is their dessert.  Milkshakes, strawberry shortcake and the legendary classic cheesecake.juniors

Junior’s is an old fashion restaurant.  The decor transports one to the 50’s, if not earlier, but people don’t go there just for nostalgia. Okay, maybe sometimes they do go there for nostalgia, but they also go for classic food such as rueben sandwiches, cheeseburgers and fries. Oh yes, and did I mention the cheesecake? Just checking.

Junior's Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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