No Scandal: Where to Find Olivia Pope’s Wine Glasses & More

When it comes to Scandal’s Olivia Pope, people want to know.  MCCN did some digging about those popcorn wine glasses we regularly see the fixer, fixing herself a glass to drink of red wine.  They go for about $13 each.

In contrast to the character she portrays, Kerry Washington tells the NY Post,  on the subject of alcohol “Who needs those empty calories? I watch what I eat.” Washington, who also covers the November Issue of Essence, tells the publication she rarely consumes alcohol — “I drink maybe twice a year” — unless she’s reunited with her best friends from high school or with girlfriends from her show.

In an interview done side by side with her mom, Washington’s mother reveals her best Jamaican recipe and while she admits boiling water is her best cooking mastery level.   The Bronx born Kerry Washington is African American on her paternal side and her mother is mixed race (English/African/Scottish) native Jamaican.


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