Why You Should Shop at Weber’s Cider Mill Farm in Parkville, Maryland

Weber's Cider Mill

Quaint is a very appropriate word for Weber’s Cider Mill Farm in Parkville, Maryland. The location is tucked away so obviously if you don’t know then you were not on a need-to-know list. Nonetheless, here’s your invitation to enjoy a real farm where fresh food is made everyday, turkeys are farm-raised with no hormones, fruit and vegetables are grown, and homemade preserves, jams, and fruit butters are packaged and available. You are also treated to a complimentary cup of their fresh cider when you walk through the doors, and don’t worry they won’t look at you twice if you go back for seconds.

You might have guessed by the name but ciders are their signature product. It’s offered in a gallon, half-gallon, and quart-size. You can also buy the mix, which is quite good as well. It’s definitely the must-try product, and if you like apple-cider, it will probably be a must-buy.

Are you a person who makes gift bags or baskets? Score for you! Not only are there fruit butters, but there several varieties of honey. Not everything is done in-house, Weber’s Farm partners with other farms in the area to market their items in the store. If you love cheese or know someone who does you should give them a taste of Maryland with Keyes Creamery Old Bay Colby specialty cheese. Maryland products like McCutcheon’s, Eastern Shore Company and Clover are found at Weber’s.

Weber’s also makes baked goods that are out of this world. They have over 20 varieties of pies. The apple cranberry pie blends the sweet and tart with a freshness that might give grandma a run for the money. It is a definite hit at Thanksgiving or Christmas.

They also have an apple dumpling served with a dipping sauce, lemon meringue pie with the meringue piled high, apple cider doughnuts, minced meat pie, Black bottom cake, and many more unique tasty treats.

Weber’s also has fresh homemade ice cream, fudge, and during the summer season they operate a petting zoo, where kids can come and get hands on with some of the farm animals. Last but not least, there are all kinds of nifty gifts you can pick up in their gift store. The arts and crafts lover in you will love the workmanship of the products which will be a unique gift during the Christmas and holiday season.

A great deal of Weber’s products can be ordered online. Weber’s Farm is operates through December 31st and opens again in the spring. Check their website to see when they will open for the season.

Photo by Multi Cultural Cooking Network

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