Getting Crafty: Design Your TV Tables


TV tables are a common staples in many homes.  Whether you are an admitted Before_and_aftercouch potato or you find yourself gathering with friends around a TV often a TV table is pulled out.  The question is, “Does it have to look so boring?” After all you are entertaining and shouldn’t a TV table reflect my style as any constant piece of furniture in your home.

tv table

A friend of mine by the name of Anna Stone is absolutely incredible when it comes to design.  At visit to her home, I was struck with what she did to her TV table. Here are a few quick ideas for design. This turned out to have bronze hue.

What you will need:

  • Gold Spray paint
  • Flower stickerCU_of_Table_edge
  • Black paint at the edge to cover blemishes.
  • Paper towel used to imprint the edge

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