Film & Foodie Review: The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street is an in your face outrageous looney and often times vulgar ride.  It the telling of the real life story of Jordan Belfort.  In the 1990s, he founded the brokerage firm Stratton Oakmont which functioned as a boiler room marketing penny stocks, where he defrauded investors with fraudulent stock sales   All I could think is this is going to be a DVD collectors classic in the likes of Donnie Brasco instead you are watching “corporate gangsters.”  Leonardo DiCaprio is utterly amazing as crooked New York stockbroker Jordan Belfort.  His physical comedy is hilarious.  Matthew McConaughey role is brief but freakishly entertaining.  Jonah Hill is also provides an impressive performance.    The characters are great and the story keeps you guessing, “What is going to happen next?”

The Food:  Guys, if you catch this in movie theaters then a more upscale restaurant may be in order.    If this winds up being a movie night at home.  Then have some fun with champagne and caviar.

*Advisory:  Not for children, nudity, cursing, and sex

Ranking:  Sunny Side Up

2 thoughts on “Film & Foodie Review: The Wolf of Wall Street

  1. I love how you do the food and film combination. I have a website for each and get slammed trying to keep up the two.
    There was once an article I came across somewhere that explained which foods went with which film genre, and an article I cut out that told you what wines you should drink with which genre, you think I can find either of them anywhere to share with you? – if I ever find them again I will share with you. You would be awesome in marketing cinemas to local restaurants 🙂
    Also love your brief, concise and straight to the point reviews, it is probably as much as most people read of my own anyways haha
    I also really love McConaughey – wish he was in it more.
    Now for a shameless plug if you want to have a read 🙂

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