East Village, NY: Quantum Leap Restaurant

Citizen Report from Nataki H-If you are someone who enjoys meat but is interested in the Vegetarian diet every now and again, try Quantum LeapQuantum leap located at 203 First Ave., New York, NY 10003 near 12th St. I was convinced to try out this spot by a group of my vegetarian friends and to my surprise, I not only enjoyed it, I willingly went back a few more times. We started out with the Blue Corn Nachos which were to die for. If you think Nachos with a meat substitute sounds unpleasant, you have to try these. We shared those down to the last tortilla crumb. Fortunately if you are a seafood lover, they have several items on the menu that are must-haves such as Malaysian Spiced Red Snapper. If you are visiting NYC, it’s worth it to be adventurous and go over to the Eastside for some flavorful Vegetarian and Seafood dishes that will leave you feeling satisfied and feeling good about what you ate. The atmosphere aint bad either!

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