Belizean Cow Foot Soup Recipe

Yes that’s right I said it…Cow Foot Soup.  While most Belizeans reading this will probably start salivating when thinking about this and even more when they see the pictures, others from outside countries might go “EEEwwwwww”.  It doesn’t sound delicious or appetizing but once you’ve tried it you will most definately change your mind, or you might not, but like the name of this blog says “No knock it til you try it”.



– Cow foot                                                    – Cabbage

– large potatoes                                         – Tomatoes

-Coco                                                             – Complete Seasoning

-Okro                                                              -Salt & Black Pepper to taste

-Carrots                                                        – BBQ seasoning

-Cilantro                                                       – 1 whole habanero


-Sweet Peppers

See Directions

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