Sherman Oaks,CA: Carnival Lebanese Restaurant

Lebanese platter retouch

It was Tuesday night and the restaurant called Carnivale located in a strip mall was packed at 7PM.  On this night, I dined with six other people upon recommendation of one the persons from our party.  With a large group, we were able to  come to a general consensus of sentiment regarding the restaurant.  We  were all pleased with appetizers, the main courses were generally lackluster and the desserts deserved a round of applause.  Of the three desserts ordered, everyone was raving over the baklava.

Two  women from our party of diners expressed that the food was simply okay and they had no desire to come back.  What went wrong?  For many of us the meat whether chicken, lamb or beef seemed to by dry.  For Middle Eastern, no one found the meat to be particular marinated well which often some of appeal of this type of food.  Ultimately, my fellow diners didn’t think the food was seasoned well.

We did enjoy, the hummus, warm pita and falafel.  Actually, my sharwarma with pita, lamb and beef was something I didn’t touch the next day.  The meat was dry but the flavor of the meat was good.

Where:  4356 Woodman ave., Sherman Oaks, California 91423

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