Film & Foodie Review : Frozen


You can’t leave the movie theater without thinking this one is an instant classic.  It is the story of two sisters, princesses of course.  One has magical capabilities but lives with this gift as if it were a curse.  In trying to protect her younger sister, they become estranged yet the little sister does not know why.  Yes, there is some boy meets girl in the story too.

The music is just waiting to be made a Broadway production.  And it is easy to think Broadway with the dazzling vocal ability of Idina Menzel brings the character Elsa to life especially when she sings, Let it Go.  Buy the dvd, buy the soundtrack and get to know the new Disney characters.    The Frozen is sure to melt some part of your heart.

The Food:  The characters desire chocolate but have fun with your kids with this one.  Make some snow cream from the first snow or frozen hot chocolate.   If you are adult crowd enjoying this flick then pour a glass of ice wine and enjoy.

Rating: Sunny Side Up

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