Baltimore: Review of Island Quizine

Liberty Road has its fill of restaurants but legitimate ethnic restaurants are not as easy to come by. So you might want to slow your car down as you approach the 8000 block of Liberty Road—8128 is where you will find a little taste of island cooking at Island Quizine.

Okay, I don’t like the spelling of the name but it does make it easy to recognize when you are looking for it. If you go up Liberty Road, in the Millford Mill area, with any frequency, you may have caught a glimpse of the restaurant and thought it was just a carry-out establishment. Well, to my surprise, Island Quizine does not only offer carry-out food but it is divided so that you can sit and be served in their dining area, complete with elegantly adorned dark wood tables and booths.

No paper or plastic—it’s real plates, silverware, and all the trimmings. That’s not always offered in Caribbean establishments so it definitely brings the expectations up a notch for the meal you will be served.

Before talking about the food, I was very impressed with the hospitality. One of the young ladies in the carry-out portion of the restaurant answered my questions, made recommendations and asked me if it was my first time visiting Island Quizine. Before I knew it, she had whipped up a sampler of their curry chicken, jerk chicken, and their signature Cajun Salmon draped with a super-yummy (That’s fancy culinary talk!) creamy sauce. All was three samplings were delicious, and curry had me wanting to step up my game. The young lady also gave me a little something to wash everything down—an outstanding blend of ginger and tropical punch. I was liking this place already.  READ MORE

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