El Gran Debate – Hispanic Vs Latino

Race, Ethnicity,culture, and preference of labels winds up being a personal decision to some degree but there are times when people sincerely desire to be cultural sensitive.  This dilemma often happens with people of color whether mixed heritage, Asian, Pacific Islander, “Black” or “Latino.”  People of a certain generation tend to call Asians/Pacific Islanders, oriental(so not political correct).  People often see a Black person and immediately classify him or her as African American or African when the African diaspora of people span the world and increasing becoming of mixed heritage.   Then we have Latino vs Hispanic, read article below:

Since the 70′s a controversial issue has been labeling Americans of Latin American and Spanish decent. The Census bureau prescribe the word “hispanic” to anyone of spanish culture regardless of race. This naturally includes people of Spanish decent and anyone in the western hemisphere that speaks Spanish (and excludes Brazil).

On the other hand, Latino is used to describe anyone of Latin American descent and excludes the Spaniards. Hispanic has been rejected by many who are labeled such because of the artificial imposing of the world from the government and more widely embrace Latino.

Professor Ernesto Sagas states “a lot of Latinos cannot or do not want to trace their ancestry to Spain. They could trace it to native Americans or to Africans or to many other parts of the world,” Sagas continued.

Latino is more of an organic umbrella term that rejects Spanish colonization and includes Latinos of all races and nationalities, but also is gender specific.  Read More

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