Film and Foodie Review: Need For Speed

The script for Need for Speed is like a stalling car, you try to figure out it if it needs gas or if there is some other problem.  Aaron Paul is not the problem.  In fact he does the best he can with a limited script.  Michael Keaton and Dominic Cooper also star.  The story is set in small town America.  At times, I thought I was watching the remake of Footloose(By the way Footloose is better) .  Need for Speed tries to be uplifting, intentionally corny American film where your root for the blue collar mechanic and race car driver Tobey Marshall (spoiler alert) who has falsely been accused of a crime that he did not commit.   When he gets out of prison, he and his  friends from the auto body shop have to avenge their enemy.     The film based on the successful video game of 20 years, opts to go with  real life car stunts and little to no animation.   The cross country adventure will have some visuals the are reminiscent of game.  See Version of Game if you haven’t played the game a would like a way to compare the adventure scenes , obstacles and finish.

This film maybe for folks who don’t care about a good script, just have a need for speed.

The Food:  Let’s go with man food like steak sandwiches, bbq sandwiches, hoagies,  chips and coleslaw.  The drink should be your local microbrewed beer.  If this is a date night flick while still in theaters, a diner match the small town American feel of the film.


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