Film and Foodie: St. Patrick’s Day Movie List


This March 17th celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with an assortment of great Irish films and food:

Bloody Sunday: Director of he last two Bourne films, Paul Greengrass, gives a harrowing account of a protest and massacre on January 30th, 1972. If you like Greengrass’ style then this is the film for you.

Food Match: Try some Coddle, a dish made with bacon, sausage, sliced potatoes and onions. Dublin-Coddle

Michael Collins A tale about an Irish political leader in the 1910’s who forged forward for Ireland’s freedom and starring Liam Neeson, Julia Roberts and Aiden Quinn.A powerful film from Neil Jordan that will have you enraptured until the last frame.

Food Match: Fix up a bit of Bacon and Cabbage, which is back bacon and cabbage served in a buttermilk sauce.

The Quiet Man: This classic John Wayne film with the lovely Marueen O’Hara is about a boxer retiring to Ireland and finding love.

Food Match: Have some Irish stew with lamb, beef, or mutton and an assortment of vegetables from potatoes to parsley.

My Left Foot: Daniel Day-Lewis’ amazing performance as poet Christy Brown is fascinating to see and heartwarming to experience. This film is where Day-Lewis got his notoriety as a method actor as he stayed in character throughout the filming.

Food Match: Try the traditional corn beef and cabbage with your favorite Irish beer.

In the Name of the Father: Daniel Day-Lewis’ performance as a son falsely imprisoned after a forced confession that ends up jailing his father as well is powerful and compelling. An overlooked film of Day-Lewis’ career.

Food Match: Have some Dublin Lawyer, Lobster cooked in whisky and cream.

Departed: The film takes place in Boston, Massachusetts, where Irish Mob boss Francis “Frank” Costello plants Colin Sullivan as an informant within the Massachusetts State Police. Simultaneously, the police assign undercover cop William “Billy” Costigan to infiltrate Costello’s crew. When both sides realize the situation, each man attempts to discover the other’s true identity before his own cover is blown. Stars Leo DiCaprio, Mark Wahlberg, Martin Sheen and Alec Baldwin. Directed by Martin Scorsese. There is plenty of bagpipe music throughout the film.

Drink Match: Pull out the green beer tough guys as you watch this flick.

Review and Food suggestions by Michael Fusco


Addition  by MCCN Editor, Crystal Johnson AKA CrystalJFilmdiva-  Editor’s Choice-Brooklyn which came out in 2015.


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