Pasadena, CA: Review of Picnik Restaurant


picnik smaller

This restaurant is chic and beautiful. It has a fantastic outdoor area with pitfires and and nice little bar.  As for the food and drink their niche is sausage and craft beer.  The service was good although my dessert recommendation from the waitress was a disappointment.  Didn’t like the bread pudding. It is the only dessert on the menu. It is priced at $4.50. The syrup was too sweet. The bread pudding was crispy. The flavor seemed to dependent on the maple syrup.  However, outdoors Bulgarini Gelato cart may be parked in the outdoor eating area.  They have fabulous gelato offerings.  

bread pudding small

Now as the sandwich menu this will not disappoint.  Sausage is the main attraction on the menu.  Picture below  is the spicy Italian sausage.— at Picnik pasadena.  The sausage burst with flavor and as you can see the colors of the toppings make you want to sink your teeth right in. Sausage smaller

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