Bakersfield, CA: Murray Family Farms

One of two locations-The Old Tomato Weigh-Station.

One of two locations-The Old Tomato Weigh-Station.


While driving north on the 5 interstate in California, I made a pit stop at Murray Family Farms.  It caught my attention.   What also caught my attention once  inside were these perfectly sized cobblers including cherry and a I believe I saw blackberry.  I tried the cherry. It was tasty but  a bit too sweet for my taste as a dessert by itself but once I heated and added a scoop of vanilla ice cream the flavors together balanced the sugar.

This is a farm where you can pick some of the fruit yourself.  There is also a petting zoo on the property but we went on a Thursday and the animals were not there.

1002695_10152239048506865_2151052052103824320_nSeasonal favorites include cherries (18 varieties), blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, peaches, apples, citrus, artichokes, asparagus, tomatoes, pumpkins, and many more.

Farm Direct Markets for ripe, home grown fruits and veggies, charming jams, jellies, specialty canned goods, tender chewy beef jerky, dried fruits and nuts, homemade pies, cookies & turnovers, creamy fudge, cut fruit salads, and all sorts of snacks.  Their website claims there are more free samples than you would find at a Costco store but when I asked about trying the the dried ocra, I was met  this reply, “sorry just packaged all they items.”  Now, I know if I was Trader’s Joe’s they would not hesitate to open anything.  




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