The Oh So Cultured James Franco

 Ladies this one’s beauty is more than skin deep though admittedly he just oozes with distractingly exotic good looks from hisJames Franco dark hair to his olive skin.  The critically acclaimed actor James Franco’s cultural background is very diverse.  His mom is a Jewish descendant of Russian immigrants. His dad is Portuguese and Swedish.  Franco is a California born American.

If you have scene the body of his work, it is obvious that this multi cultural actor is extremely talented.  Don’t be fooled by his youtube and other social media shenanigans.  Franco is a smart guy good with a great sense of humor but he is very cultured renaissance man.  He is a painter, licensed to fly, and avidly pursues education. The eclectic actor dropped out of school at UCLA early in life but his the past few years he has taken an accelerated educational path which includes recently being accepted into a Phd program at Yale.  Franco enrolled in Columbia’s MFA program in 2008 and graduated in 2010. While at Columbia, Franco also decided to attend a filmmaking program at NYU.  Franco was accepted to the University of Houston’s literature and creative writing program.



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