Film and Foodie Review: The Amazing Spiderman 2


I was going skip over doing a review of Spiderman 2 because the depths of comic book world idiosyncrasies are so vast.  Sometimes you can produce a good story but it does not feel like what the fan following was expecting.  Others time you can perfectly cast, and create the essence of the story but fail at developing the story correctly.  This seems to be the almost unanimous perspective on Amazing Spider Man 2.

There are two reasons I decided to review the film.  One reason is because  unlike the original Amazing Spiderman, the second installment drew men with the back story.  I couldn’t get past the beginning of the Amazing Spiderman’s  first installation.  I thought it opened horribly and I was bored to  tears…I’m mean to sleep while trying to watch it on DVD.  I woke tried watching again and fell asleep.  This has only happened to me one other time and that was when I watched Batman 2 with Michael Keaton but this time I  fell asleep in the theater.  I watched most of it but I thought it was awful.  Spiderman 2 opens with the story of Richard Parker.  It is dramatic and pulls you in.  Normally, too many villains really bothers me.  Paul Giamatti was simply a waste of screen time as Rhino.  Many think that the character, Electro played by Jamie Foxx was unnecessary and transformation to an evil person was contrived.  Conversely, I thought it was established well that before his transformation from Max to Electro, this character was playing with a full deck.  Then there is Harry Osborn, this where I did see a contrived relationship which leaned on two much exposition about their relationship by the characters rather than really developing something we could see and believe on-screen.  I love the Tobey MacGuire films of Spiderman and Spiderman 2.  However, fans will of the comic book franchise to tend to overwhelming say Andrew Garfield epitomizes Peter Parker.  Although, Garfield is not benefitting from the great material that Macguire had.  Now on to my second reason for reviewing this film was to bring  food related convo to the table.

The Food:   Gwen Stacy asks Peter Parker to meet her at a Dim Sum restaurant in New York’s Chinatown called Nom Wah.   This is not just any restaurant by the first Dim Sum Parlor in Chinatown since 1920.  The real life Garfield and Stone are enchanting on-screen as a couple Stacy and Parker .  You can see the characters below in front of the restaurant.  If you are feeling romantic then imagine romantic evening of Chinese food including Dim Sum, a Cantonese style dish .  If you are in New York, you can recreate the mood by taking a trip to  Nom Wah.  Follow it up with ice cream for dessert.  It is another food moment Parker and Stacy have together.

Gwen Stacy(Emma Stone) and Peter Parker (Andrew Garfied) in front of Nom Wah’s ! in Chinatown.

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