Baltimore, MD: Review of Nick’s Fish House & Grill


Let me begin with, “What a pleasure.”  A friend of mine has been suggesting Nick’s Fish House & Grill to me for a review by MCCN for years.  Well, finally I made it to Baltimore and I have to recommend this place strongly.  It is a great place for friends to get together and a romantic place for couples.  Nick’s is located right along a pier and you have a gorgeous view.  Moreover, the food does not disappoint.

fried green tomatoes

fried green tomatoes

We started with an order of friend green tomatoes which were topped with lump crabmeat.  It was delicious.  Although, I did think the coating could have more flavor like salt or even a slightly spicy seasoning but it was still good.  Then I ordered clams on the half shell while my friend ordered the item which keeps her coming back called the crab pretzel.  I was fortunate to sample some of her dish and it was unique and definitely a winner in the taste department.  crab pretzel

My clams where accompanied with cocktail sauce and horseradish on the side.  You can also ordered classic steamed crabs coated in old bay seasoning.  We also ordered white sangria but they were a bit heavy on the ice.

clams 2

Where:  2600 Insulator Dr, Baltimore, MD 21230

Telephone: (410) 347-4123


Thanks for the suggesting this spot Anna S.

MCCN editor with old college roomie Anna.

MCCN editor with old college roomie Anna.

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