Outer Banks, NC: Kill Devil’s Frozen Custard and Boardwalk Fries

Ice cream cone

Just minutes from the beach on a hot day is a solution to cool you off.  Everyday you will find a new flavor on the menu for frozen custards at Kill Devil’s Frozen Custard and Boardwalk fries.  On this hot summer day, my mother and I tried the Black Raspberry and the Vanilla.  The thirdserving ice cream listed flavor of the day was chocolate.  Custard is creamier and smoother than ice cream.  The texture is the first thing we noticed and both of the our frozen custards were tasty.  On another given day you may find flavor such as coconut, pistachio or coffee. There is different flavor of the day everyday and the classic standby flavors of the vanilla and chocolate.  Banana splits Sundaes are big menu items every day.  Some of the sundaes include the sea turtle boasting of the best hot fudge in the world, wicked waffle sundae, and the wicked waffle which ice served between two hot waffles with fudge and real whipped cream.

But there is so much more including barbecue sandwiches, fries and we are told by locals the burgers are great.

Where: Outer Banks North Carolina
2503 N. Croatan Highway · Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina · 27948

kill devil's

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