The Multi-Cultural Nicole Richie


Moment from “The Simple Life” Paris (R) Nicole (L)

She grabbed the attention of millions along with buddy Paris Hilton on the reality show entitled, “The Simple Life.”     She is the adopted daughter of  legendary African American pop singer Lionel Richie and Paris Hilton the descendant of the famous Hilton Family hotel industry owners.   When Nicole and Paris shared a glimpse of their lives as socialites trying to do manual labor it was an overnight sensation especially because reality TV was in its infancy.    Recently, Richie has returned to public life onscreen with her Aol Huffington Post series, “Candidly Nicole” which has moved to television

Her Ethnic Background

According to several sources including,   Nicole is said to be of  Black,Caucasian  and Mexican ethnicity, Nicole was born on September 21, 1981 in Berkeley, California. Given the name Nicole Camilla Escovedo, she is the biological daughter of a Latin musician named Peter Michael Escovedo III (related to Sheila E.) and an anonymous backstage female assistant of Lionel Richie during his world tour in 1980. Raised alone by Escovedo who was also a member of Richie’s band, little Nicole spent most of her time on the backstage and studio since her father often took her along by his side.
As Richie gradually grew a deep affection toward Nicole, the three-years-old girl was taken to live with this famous musician and his first wife, Brenda Harvey, under Escovedo’s approval. She was legally adopted at the age of nine by the couple for …(READ MORE)

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QANVAS by Quiznos Pop Art Exhibit at Comic Con San Diego

Quiznos art

San Diego-based artist Devin Larson entitled, “Eel Boxing Feat. Aquaman.”

Quiznos, pioneer of the toasted sub, is pleased to introduce QANVAS™ by Quiznos, an innovative approach to the world of pop art. Over 50 artists will transform the traditional Quiznos sub wrappers into unique works of art that will be auctioned off in benefit of ArtReach, a San Diego non-profit organization. The exhibit will be on display for one night only during the Comic-Con festival in the East Village of San Diego at Space 4 Art on Thursday, July 24.


I am batman

San Diego artist RBST’s piece entitled “I’m Batman…

Curated by Artists Republic 4 Tomorrow Gallery owner, Torrey Cook, the first QANVAS™ by Quiznos group exhibit includes works by graphic novel, comic book and outsider influenced artists including Alex Rico, Yumi Sakugawa, Bernard Chang, Sandy Collora, Dan Fraga, Steve Caballero, Mari Inukaito and Patrick Yurick to name a few. Patrick Yurick is the CEO of San Diego based comic education company called Making Comics Worldwide and will be curating a special section of the exhibition with artists involved in the organization. All works of art will be donated by the artists and auctioned off at the event with a portion of proceeds benefitting ArtReach and their dedication to providing art programs in local schools.


QANVAS™ by Quiznos supports Quiznos own philanthropic goals of elevating youth through arts and entertainment. “We are dedicated to providing opportunities and enrichment for kids through art and pop culture,” commented Chris Ruszkowski, VP of Advertising at Quiznos. “QANVAS™ in partnership with ArtReach will further the mission and help support arts-rich education programs locally.”


During the past year ArtReach provided free hands-on, standards-based art lessons taught by professional artists at 11 elementary schools throughout San Diego County. Since 2008, ArtReach has worked with over 15,000 students via this free program. “Our ability to provide free programs at schools that have no art education resources depends on the support of grants, individual donors and companies like Quiznos that share our belief that children benefit and thrive on an arts-rich education,” commented ArtReach Executive Director, Judy Berman Silbert.

About the Desert King Watermelon

Last year at the Los Angeles Time The Taste, I had the opportunity to try a yellow watermelon.  Yes, a watermelon that looks virtually the same on the outside but yellow instead on pink in the inside.  It is called the Desert King Watermelon.  This fruit grows well in dry conditions.   See video below on harvesting the Desert King Watermelon. -Crystal Johnson, MCCN Editor

Bengali Soup – Orange Split Lentils with Tomatoes and Cilantro

This is a weeknight variation of orange split lentils which are extremely versatile because of their quick cooking time and naturally mild and Bengali soupadaptive taste. They are comforting, simple, and as basic as it gets. Everyone in my family, including my children, loves this lentil. This light variation is a summertime favorite but can be enjoyed as a soup in winter, if desired, with some hot buttered whole wheat toast.

Prep Time: 5 minutes | Cook Time: 25 minutes

  • ½ cup dried orange/red split lentils (masoor dal)
  • ½ teaspoon turmeric
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 4 green chilies, slit lengthwise
  • 2 ripe tomatoes, chopped
  • 2 teaspoons ghee (clarified butter)
  • 1 teaspoon cumin seeds
  • 2 tablespoons chopped cilantro

Put the lentils and 3 cups of water in a saucepan and bring to a boil. Add the turmeric, salt, and green chilies and cook for about 15 minutes. While the lentils are boiling a scum may form on the surface, gently remove this while the lentils
are cooking.

Add the tomatoes and cook for another 5 minutes. Mix the mixture well—it should have a nice soupy consistency that is not too thin or too thick.

Heat the ghee in a small skillet on medium heat for about 1 minute and add the cumin seeds and wait till the seeds begin to sizzle. Pour this seasoned ghee over the lentils and stir in the cilantro.


Recipes from THE BENGALI FIVE SPICE CHRONICLES: Exploring the Cuisine of Eastern India
By Rinku Bhattacharya

Filipino Sweet Spaghetti

A staple Filipino dish is Sweet Spaghetti.  Meats tend to include hot dogs, Vienna sausage and ground beef.  According to Pinoyfoodblog, “Before Jollibee or even Tropical Hut came out with the Filipino version of the Italian Spaghetti, there was Makati Supermarket’s spaghetti sold in their coffee shop in the early sixties. This is probably how the sweetish Filipino spaghetti evolved. ”    Click to See Recipe

Tlayudas review from Oaxaca, Mexico

Review by Dave Miller-The tlayuda sometimes spelled clayuda, is a handmadeTlayudas
traditional Mexican dish consisting of a large, thin,
crunchy, partially fried or toasted tortilla covered with a
spread of refried beans, asiento, lettuce or cabbage,
avocado, meat, Oaxacan cheese and salsa.


But the above description from Wikipedia is like saying

Willie Mays was just a baseball player, Josh Grobin just a
singer or Michael Phelps just a swimmer. They are all
technically true, but woefully miss the mark in explaining
true greatness.

You see, when it’s done right, the traditional tlayuda is
more than just a Mexican dish, it is one of the anchors of
the gastronomical galaxy known as Oaxaca.

Originally posted on January 2013

The tlayuda is an all star baseball player, an award
winning singer and a multiple Olympic gold medal winner all
in one. And if you ever find yourself in Oaxaca, you need
to get a taxi right away and head over to Tlayudas San

When you arrive the outside is going to worry you if you
don’t typically eat off the beaten track in Mexico. It’s
just an opening in a residential area with blue steel doors
and a banner that tells you the place has a good, clean
atmosphere. Yet, as soon as you walk in, you realize you
are somewhere special, like an enchanted garden. Lots of
greenery, bamboo like plants, umbrellas and a rich almost
tropical feel. It is as if you could sit there all day,
and you can because once you walk in, you are treated like
family. There’s even a playground if you bring the kids.

The menu is simple, and hangs from the ceiling. Tlayudas.
Pick your topping. Beef, pork, ribs, skirt steak or eggs
from the grill. Add your drink, soda or beer, and you’re
all set.

Once we ordered, it took about 15 minutes for our food to

And here’s what you get. A gigantic fired roasted
quesadilla like creation stuffed with cheese, black beans
and finished with your desired topping. I had the eggs,
which came perfectly fried hard. Now, I’ve had lots of
tlayudas around Oaxaca, but this one was different, because
the tortilla was cooked to perfection.

When I picked it up, there was no sag at all. This
wonderful creation was crispy through and through, the
result of just the right amount of time over the coals.
The beans were not over the top and there was just the
right amount of that great Oaxaca string like cheese,

Once I added avocado, chepiche, a Oaxacan herb, and a some
roasted chile de aqua, it was off the charts wonderful.

Now, I’ve got to tell you, this place can be hard to find.
It’s in the Colonia San Jacinto but it is not along the
row of the other locations that sell tlayudas. Look for
the San Jacinto signs that call you to this little slice of
heaven in Oaxaca and prepare yourself to fall in love with
this all star of Oaxacan cuisine, maybe for the first time,
or all over again.

Tlayudas San Jacinto
Colonia San Jacinto Amilpas
Calle Benito Juarez #11
Tlayuda and a soda… $6.00 con una cerveza… $8.00

Polynesia: Otai Recipe

The modern Tongan recipe is most well-known today is usually a blend of water(1cup), cream of one coconut (1), shredded coconut meat, and any variety of grated tropical fruits, most commonly watermelon(1/4 of medium size), mango and pineapple(1), with watermelon being the most usedWatermelon drink in the Tongan Islands. Sugar is usually added to taste.

Tongan historians have noted this version is a very modern take on the traditional Polynesian ʻotai, especially since milk, refined sugar, watermelons, mangos, and pineapples are all introduced, foreign ingredients that were not native to Tonga. The original Tongan recipe was said to be identical to the Samoan recipe, except the preferred native fruit was not ambarella (vi), but the Tongan mountain apple, called fekika. In Samoa, this distinction of “native” and “introduced” recipes is differentiated as “ʻotai” only refers to the drink prepared with vi fruit, while the ʻotai made with European-introduced fruits are respectively called vai meleni (watermelon drink), vai mago (mango drink), or vai fala (pineapple drink).

The mixture was poured into large, empty coconut shells corked with coconut husk and allowed to chill in cold pools of water (or behind waterfalls) before serving.


About Purple Yam (Dioscorea alata)

Dioscorea alata, known as purple yam and many other names, is a species of yam, a tuberous root vegetable, that is bright lavender in color. It is sometimes confused with taro and the Okinawa sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas cv. Ayamurasaki). With its origins in the Asian tropics, D. alata has been known to humans since ancient times.

Because it has become naturalized throughout tropical South America, Africa, Australia, the US southeast, D. alata has many different common names from these regions. In English alone, aside from purple yam, other common names include greater yamGuyana arrowrootten-months yam,water yamwhite yamwinged yam, or simply yam.[3] In other cultures and languages it is known variously as ratalu or violet yam in Indiarasa valli kilangu in Tamilkondfal (कोंदफळ) in Marathikachil (കാച്ചില്‍) in Malayalam, and khoai mỡ in Vietnam and for the Igbo people of Southern Nigeria, yam is called ji, and purple yam is known as ji abana.

Purple yam is used in a variety of desserts, as well as a flavor for ice creammilkSwiss rollstartscookies,cakes, and other pastries. In the Philippines, it is known as ube and is eaten as a sweetened jam called ube halayá, a popular ingredient in the iced dessert called halo-halo. In Maharashtra, the stir-fried chips are eaten during religious fasting. Purple yam is also an essential ingredient in Undhiyu.

Evening Attire Cocktail and Event Attire for Men

evening attire

We are long overdue on the subject of proper former cocktail party attire.  Never fear suggestions are here.   With some help Men’s Style and All That Jazz and

If you know for a fact that the event in question is extremely formal, then you’reactually in luck because you’ll know exactly what type of Byron_in_tux_smallclothes you should be wearing. Most formal occasions, such as charity dinners, association events or galas, require black tie dress. Don’t veer away from this social norm; doing so will cause you to stand out poorly in a sea of smart suits. READ MORE

Men’s Style and All that Jazz states:

I know you see guys on the red carpet wearing these fine tuxedos and society feeds the notion that tuxedos are formal. Tuxedo’s are Semi formal evening attire, dinner attire, dress attire but not formal attire. Formal attire for day time is the Morning Jacket also known as Cutaway Jacket with Hickory Striped Pants. Properly it would be adorned with spats, patent leather shoes, ascot and vest. This is the perfect wedding attire.