Get Shaved- Located in Northridge and Torrance, CA

double shave ice

Serving up one of the best frozen treats of summer is the Hawiian style shaved ice experience of Get Shaved.  One of their most popular menu items is the strawberry banana shaved ice with vanilla ice cream on the bottom and condensed milk poured over the ice.  I ordered theShave ice menu smallest size, the UFO.  I did not want my cup to be empty.

Every customer I talked to was a repeat customer.  Jeanine, a regular orders theRoot Beer float shaved ice.

Other items on the menu include milkshakes and various flavors of ice cream.  The shaved ice flavor choices are extensive including red velvet, boysenberry, coconut and many other suggested combos.  Prices are fair starting a $2.25 for the smallest size.

Locations: Northridge at Reseda & Praire.  There is a location in Torrance and a truck roving around Los Angeles.  You can follow them on Twitter.


shave ice


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