Baltimore: Review of Shoo-Fly Diner

shoo fly

Let me begin with saying almost perfection was Sunday brunch time a Shoo-Fly Diner.  A friend of mine and I attended college together in Tanya orderingBaltimore but have since move to other state but on this Sunday afternoon get-together we drove past a familiar sight called the Belvedere Market.  Twenty years ago there nothing much happening in the space but it looked like it screamed potential.  Now the potential has grown into fruit with the Shoo-Fly diner nestled at this ideal location.    The aesthetic of Shoo-Fly is eclectic and chic for a diner.  They also fancy themselves as pub at night bar open some nights until 1AM.   The restaurant has an upstairs, downstairs, patio and bar.   In the downstairs area, you can view the chefs preparing the cuisine.



Downstairs dining

Downstairs dining


My friend order waffles with fresh strawberries and then a side order of a biscuit.  The biscuit is worth talking about.  The look of the biscuit not standard.  It is very dense yet somehow light in taste.  We loved them.



My order came complete with fried chicken, biscuit, homefries and a poached egg.  The batter of chicken proved to give a great texture an flavor.  I added a little fish sauce which a signature sauce at the establishment.  It tastes somewhat like a milder scotch bonnet sauce.  The only thing which failed my plate was the poached egg.  It was cold.  When management find out about my poached egg then the gave me a free serving of ice cream to share with my dining partner.  I love great customer service.  I strongly believe if they is a problem with the food which is not subjective then management or server should figure out a way to make you happy.  And thus, Shoo- Fly Diner did manage to make us happy with our dining experience.   -Crystal Johnson, MCCN Editor

fried chicken from shoo fly



Where:  510 E. Belvedere Ave Baltimore, MD

Telephone: (410) 464-9222


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