Flashback Film and Foodie Review: Instructions not Included

Mexican superstar Eugenio Derbez (whom you may know from Adam Sandler’s Jack & Jill or Rob Schneider’s canceled sitcom ¡Rob!), tells the story of an Acapulco playboy whose life is rocked when an old fling leaves a baby on his doorstep.   The movie is supposed to be a comedy but it falls more in the category of dramedy.  It is a smart film with the predictable and unpredictable balance of events that occur through the story.

For the average American blindly taking a chance of selecting this foreign film, they are not likely to know the comedic body of Derbez’s work; however,  he clearly finds moments to showcase his slapstick abilities.  Derbez is a well known comedic for in Mexico.    I managed to watch this film even without subtitles.  I was able to follow and enjoy the film.   If you understand Spanish then look the film titled as “No Se Aceptan Devoluciones.”

The Food: Make it a simple DVD night of chips, salsa and margaritas.  Why such a simple selection of food?  There are few moment in a cantina which just screams that kind of food.  Although not Mexican like the film you could have tostadas with ceviche.   Not the margarita type, try Micheladas as the beverage sip on while watching this film.


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