Evening Attire Cocktail and Event Attire for Men

evening attire

We are long overdue on the subject of proper former cocktail party attire.  Never fear suggestions are here.   With some help Men’s Style and All That Jazz and mens-fashion.lovetoknow.com.

If you know for a fact that the event in question is extremely formal, then you’reactually in luck because you’ll know exactly what type of Byron_in_tux_smallclothes you should be wearing. Most formal occasions, such as charity dinners, association events or galas, require black tie dress. Don’t veer away from this social norm; doing so will cause you to stand out poorly in a sea of smart suits. READ MORE

Men’s Style and All that Jazz states:

I know you see guys on the red carpet wearing these fine tuxedos and society feeds the notion that tuxedos are formal. Tuxedo’s are Semi formal evening attire, dinner attire, dress attire but not formal attire. Formal attire for day time is the Morning Jacket also known as Cutaway Jacket with Hickory Striped Pants. Properly it would be adorned with spats, patent leather shoes, ascot and vest. This is the perfect wedding attire.


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