Ripon, Wisconsin: Palenque Coffee and Doomsday Donuts

With a faux log cabin look on the outside and a stereotypical Mayan logo, I’lladmit, I was skeptical. Was I ever surprised. Once I entered the doors, I was welcomed into what can only be described as coffee heaven. Rugged and minimal on the inside, this place is off the charts!

I had a cup of Indian Monsoon coffee. Light, medium roasted, this coffee was exceptionally smooth and had absolutely no bitter after taste. 100% stunning.Palenque_Coffee

But coffee is not their only gift. These guys also sell the most ambitious donuts I have ever come across. Imagine a s’mores donut. That’s right… a plain cake topped with chocolate, small graham crackers and tiny marshmallows. Or maybe you’d like a cream puff sandwich filled with raspberry filling or an old fashioned maple bar… topped with a strip of crispy bacon.

They call them one of a kind donuts and the selection changes everyday. Believe me, they are worth every penny of the $1.00 – $2.00 price, and they look great as Cesar demonstrates here.

I’ll be honest, I have no idea how a place like this will stay afloat in a small town like Ripon. I hope it does… because it is the only place in town where a young man from Puerto Rico can work in a Mayan themed coffee house selling fresh roasted java from around the world paired with a great American classic, the donut, updated to a new standard.

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