Travels Through Alberta, Canada: Where & What to Eat


White Peach and Sasktoon Berry Pie -Photo Credit:

I stumbled upon a great article which I thought would be useful to those traveling and living Alberta, Canada.  Enjoy!- Crystal J. MCCN Editor


Article from the Globe and Mail

The small towns of southern Alberta may not always be the most stylish spots when it comes to cuisine, but oh my, there’s pie.

Along the Cowboy Trail, a pretty route that skirts the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains, there’s a lot of cowboy cuisine on the menu. But what’s particularly plentiful on this Prairie road trip is pie – saskatoon berry pie, famous apple custard pies, tart prairie berry pies and sweet potato pies, served up at farm-gate cafés, historic houses and small town bakeries. I’m hankering to taste them all.  READ MORE.


Recipe for White Peach and Saskatoon Berry Pie




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