Northridge, CA: Review of Musashi


Musashi is a Japanese restaurant chain in Los Angeles with several locations.  I joined some friends at the tail end of dinner.  I quickly ordered the Bluefin sushi selected by a friend as a good choice.

And a good choice it was while I was eating my dinner from the appetizer menu, the rest of the party’s dessert was served.

I sampled the Banana Flambe.  The vanilla ice cream looked and tasted home-made and that is a good thing. The bananas were perfect, not overcooked maintaining a bit of firmness in the texture. This was truly a flavorful Banana Flambe.


As for the tempura ice cream it was visually striking.  I appreciated the contrasting textures and flavor.  However, pure taste would dictate that the Banana Flambe as the dessert of the night.

Musashi has teppan yaki (food cooked and served in front of you) tables and traditional sit down tables.  There is also a sushi bar.

Where: 9046 Tampa Avenue, Northridge, CA 91324
Phone:(818) 701-7041
Hours: Saturday hours 5:00 pm–10:00 pm


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