St. Louis, MO: Citizen’s Report of Sweetie Pie’s, the Upper Crust

A hearty soul food meal at Sweetie Pie's, the Upper Crust.  Photo courtesy of  Raymond Massey

A hearty soul food meal at Sweetie Pie’s, the Upper Crust. Photo courtesy of Raymond Massey

Recently MCCN received a citizen’s report on the new location of Sweetie Pie’s in St. Louis, Missouri. Even though the restaurant has received increased popularity since Welcome to Swetie Pie’s started airing on OWN, Florida resident, Raymond Massey, remembers loving the taste of the old fashioned southern food before all the press.

When speaking about the latest location, Sweetie Pie’s, the Upper Crust, Massey confirms that Sweetie Pie’s has “great soul food and lives up to its name.” So what are some of his favorites at Sweetie Pie’s? According to this soul food fan, “The mac & cheese is mandatory and the pear cobbler was off the chain.” He adds that the pear cobbler will probably be his standby, an ironic statement for someone who has to travel several hundred miles to get in the neighborhood. By all indications, this will not be his last time visiting. “Everything was equally awesome,” he states enthusiastically.raymond_2

According to Massey, the third and latest location is also a cafeteria-style restaurant. It includes a banquet hall and now has cooking classes as well. Massey was given a tour around the facility and he was very impressed with the hospitality of the staff and Sweetie Pie’s owner,  former Tina Turner and Ike back-up singer, Robbie Montgomery.

One thing that Massey didn’t like was the fact that he couldn’t get two meats with his meal. Well, maybe that’s a testament to how good both the chicken wings and meatloaf are at Sweetie Pie’s. So just as a note to Miss Robbie Montgomery over at Sweetie Pies:

Dear Miss Montgomery,

Please include a two meat meal selection for your customers, so they don’t have to order à la carte. We’re guessing one meat is just not an option.

Written by Monica Johnson

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