New York: Review of Un Dex Trois


When asked recently about restaurant suggestion for New York.  This restaurant fondly came to mind.  This review take some strong recollection but this restaurant made a favorable lasting impression.  You can never account for how much a restaurant will change of the course of time.  My first and only trip thus far was 10 years ago.  Un dex trois has been featured in movies.  At the time my beau and I simply stumbled upon because it was close to Broadway, after catching the play Chicago.

 un deux

It primarily boasts of  French cuisine but a modest amount American and Italian dishes are they please tourists. We dined on duck confit and escargo and we love it all. It is an elegant and convenient choice for theatre and dinner night. Cafe Un Deux Trois has been located in the heart of Times Square since 1977.   They offer brunch, breakfast, lunch and dinnner.  Sometime you can find a great pre-fix dinner menu like we did.

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