Bling Bling Wedding on a Budget

Bling wedding
Weddings are a beautiful representation of a couple’s love. In planning for that special day however sometimes expenses can get out of hand. Couples desire to have a champagne wedding but sometimes can’t afford the price tag associated with it. In today’s economy it may seem that having a wedding on a budget may be impossible. However sticking to some basic guidelines you will be able to have the wedding of your dreams and still have money in your pocket.

• Cut out things that are not tangible. Put money into items that will last beyond your special day.
• Look for decorating items that are able to be recycled. Candles add beauty to a centerpiece and can be incorporated into your home decor after your big day.
• Attend wedding shows. This is a wonderful way to get money saving ideas as well as enter giveaways for free prizes.
• Network with friends who have been married. They will have wonderful suggestions and might be able to steer you to vendors who can save you money but still give you the wedding of your dreams.
• Check out outlet stores for savings. This is a wonderful way to stretch your budget.
• Have a plated meal at the reception. Buffets tend to be more expensive and increase the cost of your reception.
• Having an open bar will increase the cost of your reception by at least 25%. Consider giving out drink tickets to guest. You will still be giving them some drinks but this will control your cost.

Following a few guidelines will give you a beautiful blinged out wedding on a budget. You will still have a day to remember and money left over.
Here’s to hoping your day is an elegant affair
Best Wishes
Nicole C. Bell
Elegant Affairs by Nicole

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