Make a Mexican-Influenced Thanksgiving Meal with a Mole-Roasted Turkey

Ready to take a walk on the wild side this Thanksgiving.  Ready to shun the usual light brown glaze of your turkey in favor mole turkeyof a blackened one. They say the darker the turkey the juicier the meat. Okay, I made that up, however;  prepared properly, Epicurious says, ” This gorgeous bird emerges from the oven nearly black and very deeply flavored.”  Make mole part of your Thanksgiving Day celebration, adding a little Mexican flair to your Thanksgiving menu with this Mole-roasted turkey with chile gravy.

If you are looking at the picture and expecting the turkey to be crispy, it’s not. The mole sauce makes the skin very tender and juicy. Sides are optional, but if you are looking to go all the way with this Mexican-influenced Thanksgiving meal, stuff your bird with masa stuffing. Click the links below to learn more about making this truly unique Thanksgiving meal.  Let us know what you think about the recipes.

Making the Mole:     Mole sauce for turkey

Making the stuffing: Masa stuffing

Making the turkey:   Mole Roasted turkey and Chile Gravy

Recipes from

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