MCCN visits Dessert Fantasies in Baltimore

While on a trip to my old college town of Baltimore  which has as changed  in 20 years, my friend took me to Dessert Fantasies owned by Tosha.  You can’t miss this striking row house with the bright .pink wall accent  wall.   Once inside I caught a glimpse of  a photo locall news anchor Karen Parks on the wall. Tosha admitted that Karen has patronized several times.  I got a chance to interview her about her humble beginnings and current success.

imageMCCN(CRYSTAL):   What made you decide to open a cupcake business?

Tosha: I was baking at home I was not intending this as a business but it happened and I grew out of my space. I waned to expand my clientele so I decided to look for a shop.

MCCN(CRYSTAL): what were you doing previously vocationally?

Tosha:  I’ve worked for Macy’s in merchandising.

MCCN(CRYSTAL):  your favorites what is your signature?

Tosha:  The salted caramel cupcake.

MCCN(CRYSTAL): salted caramel is that the one you started at home?

Tosha:  Actually no, I didn’t even make cupcakes.  thanks I did not like cupcakes at all.  I started to grow and customers started to ask for smaller cakes to their take orders everything was customized.  anything special to you at the time I do not have specialty flavors until I actually open the shop.

MCCN(CRYSTAL): How was the transition from cake to cupcake? I feel like I can taste the difference in cakes and cupcakes.

Tosha:  Actually wasn’t much of a difference for me .  I use the same recipe for my cakes for the cupcakes.  it was a bit of a challenge when I started making cupcakes I started trying different flavors just to sample them out to see if I even like them at all as a cupcake versus a cake.

MCCN(CRYSTAL):  If some was to narrow it down to try three of your cupcakes, I know it is hard to choose but what should they try?

Tosha:  I would say chocolate, salted caramel, and strawberry cheesecake.

MCCN(CRYSTAL): Thank you
for taking the time to do this unexpected interview.


Location:  1433 E. Fort Ave Baltimore MD 21230

Dessert Fantasies on Urbanspoon

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