Baltimore: Black Owned Restaurants & Eateries

Why would anyone want to know what is a Black owned business?  Unfortunately, Blacks in America still fight stereotypes about being lazy people on welfare waiting to collect a check and food stamps. Moreover, even many Black youth don’t identify with existence of successful Black owners right in their community.  Their perspective still may be limited to having to be a superstar or athlete in order to own a business.

In case you did not know Baltimore is one of the mostly highly Black populated cities in America.  The current mayor is an African American woman.   Not only are restaurants listed below Black owned but they are doing it with excellence, style and of course good taste.


7 thoughts on “Baltimore: Black Owned Restaurants & Eateries

  1. The best Black owned restaurant in East Baltimore is FLIGHT… Which is NOT on the list. Another black owned & very popular restaurant in Baltimore is Jewel Southern Bistro. REAL BALTIMOREANS KNOW THIS..
    P.S.: There’s another black owned restaurant on North Ave by the old KFC. The first name of the title is Momma. Their mac-n-cheese, ribs, and yams are worth standing in line..

  2. Hi
    I am in the food service industry in Baltimore, and there are certainly many more! Email me I may can help add to your list and help boost support for these great eateries.

  3. Y’all forgot about Dovecote the best Saturday brunch place in west Baltimore. On Madison street. Crab mac and cheese is the bomb. The frittatas sell out as well!! Check them out 2501 Madison Avenue 21217

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