Van Nuys, CA: Machu Picchu Restaurant Review

Peruvian Food

A Peruvian friend of mine said we must dine at Machu Picchu Restaurant.  I am exploring more of the world of Peruvian food.  Many Peruvian folks in the San Fernando Valley almost almost always reference this restaurant as one of the best.  It is not a fancy date night place but simply a place to experience authentic Peruvian cuisine.

Whenever, I have a chance for a friend of mine from another culture to talk about food of their country, I am all ears.  My friend suggests a dish for me the Takatis Peruvian Seafood  Pollo a la Brasa.  And she ordered a popular, dish that I can’t remember the name of but is photographed below.

Peruvian Food 2

I wish I had her dish, a citrus seafood dish full of citrus flavor.  My dish was full of flavor and slightly salty.  I also ordered chicha morada as my drink.  My friend at her dish down to the last drop.  She affectionately called the liquid left over as tiger’s milk.  She says Peruvians are know to drink this liquid to help with a hangover.

Machu-Picchu Peruvian on Urbanspoon

Bertha drinking Tiger's milk

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