Film and Foodie Review: Mad Max Fury Road


I am very impressed with reviews by Salty Popcorn so from time to time I will defer to review by this great website.  Yes, I will still at my two cents on a food pairing with the film. – Crystal Johnson, Editor

Thirty years following the campy MAD MAX BEYOND THUNDERDOME Max is back with a technically advanced George Miller in the conductor’s seat again. MAD MAX FURY ROAD is the fourth film in this high octane franchise and this one basically removes dialogue, mundane plot and personality and gives the action a shot of crack – it should be more CIRQUE DE SOLMAX ON CRACK. Read More.

The Food: (some what spoiler alert) The opening says it all.   Tom Hardy’s Version of Mad Max apparently will eat reptile like it is sushi.  Recently, I got a chance to dine at a long time establishment in Vegas called the Hush Puppy.  It is off the beaten path but locals are likely to know about it.  And there, they serve alligator.  It was tender, fried and delish.

It’s this winds up being a DVD night for you then try Paula Deen’s Fried Gator recipe.

Northridge CA: Valley Greek Festival

Greek food

The 42nd annual Valley Greek Festival commences on May 23rd.  It is three days of food, music, and fun 1PM to 9PM each day.  There’s a change this year.  It’s gonna cost ya $3.00.  Well, you can always say it goes to the church Also when you bring a canned food item you get a dollar of the cooked food at the event or off any non-alcoholic beverage.

Get ready for  marinated meats bursting with flavor and very sweet pastries.  Although the food always is a draw, it is dance and music that keeps you coming back for more each year.

Where: The festival takes place at St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church at 9501 Balboa Boulevard, Northridge, CA 91325.


Spotlight on Madera Kitchen and Bar


ABC’s The Taste, Chef Vanessa Lauren was wanted on every judges’ team after the tasting of her dish, Turkish Kofta. After The Taste, Chef Vanessa Lauren was hand picked by one of the judges, Chef Ludo Lefebvre, to work with him at his popular Los Angeles establishment, Petit Trois. Now at Madera, Chef Vanessa Lauren introduces a bold, and flavorful new menu with seasonal ingredients that glow with the colors of Spring, and offers a fresh new twist on Sunday brunch favorites. 
Madera’s Wine Room Menu
Now offering a seasonal, New American concept, the wine room menu features a four-course prix fixe meal along side an extensive wine list. This menu was also carefully curated by Chef Vanessa Lauren with pairings designed to please even the most discerning wine connoisseur. From business meetings to celebrations, the space, which seats twenty people or forty people standing, is perfect for private reservations. 
Madera Kitchen and Bar
1835 North Caheunga Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90028

Review of Ciao Bella Sorbet and Gelatos

Just took my first taste and definitely not my last of the Mango Sorbet made by Ciao Bella.  I decided to treat a friend to Gelato and she picked Mango.  I was hoping she would pick their offering of Pear Hibiscus.  They have other flavors such as Caramel Chocolate,Blood Orange, Fig Honey Toasted Almond(Seasonal)images, Sicilian Pistachio.  No need for your mouth to water too long.  It is available in common supermarkets such as Ralphs, Albertons and Gelsons in Los Angeles and Mariano’s in Chicago.

Visit their website: