Film and Foodie Review: Mad Max Fury Road


I am very impressed with reviews by Salty Popcorn so from time to time I will defer to review by this great website.  Yes, I will still at my two cents on a food pairing with the film. – Crystal Johnson, Editor

Thirty years following the campy MAD MAX BEYOND THUNDERDOME Max is back with a technically advanced George Miller in the conductor’s seat again. MAD MAX FURY ROAD is the fourth film in this high octane franchise and this one basically removes dialogue, mundane plot and personality and gives the action a shot of crack – it should be more CIRQUE DE SOLMAX ON CRACK. Read More.

The Food: (some what spoiler alert) The opening says it all.   Tom Hardy’s Version of Mad Max apparently will eat reptile like it is sushi.  Recently, I got a chance to dine at a long time establishment in Vegas called the Hush Puppy.  It is off the beaten path but locals are likely to know about it.  And there, they serve alligator.  It was tender, fried and delish.

It’s this winds up being a DVD night for you then try Paula Deen’s Fried Gator recipe.


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