Sherman Oaks, CA: Review ofSmoke City Market

When you walk into Smoke City Market you are hit with a great feel with rows of wooden picnic table.  The menu items are in large writing.  The staff is friendly and eager to take your order.

On this night, I was feeling cheap and great yearn of my tastebuds cornbread.  To my surprise I ordered the Chili Mac which just sounds weird but it really not a bad to go item.  It is filling.  The concoction is a meat chili on top of mac & cheese.  The whole thing is topped with shredded cheese and sour cream.  I didn’t love the dish but it was not bad at all.  For my taste, it seem to have too much of a vinegar flavor.  The cornbread at $2.00 was served cold but was sweet.  I would it probably be worth it to grab a piece on the run if I knew I could warm it up.

Honestly, all of the side dishes and meats were reasonably priced.  Most sides were close to $4 bucks.  Sandwiches are under $10.

I would definitely go again, and this time I would like to try the sausage offerings.

Where: 5242 Van Nuys Blvd Sherman Oaks CA




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